Welcome To Craftine Guitars


Craftine Guitars is a uniquely designed and very special range of acoustic guitars which combine ancient Celtic artistry with the most modern of guitar making techniques.

Handcrafted by experienced Luthiers in Ireland, Craftine Guitars are designed primarily for use on stage and feature the very best acoustic qualities as well as the most advanced technologies available for sound reproduction of performance in all live situations.

Craftine Guitars are designed particularly to appeal to electric guitar players who have an acoustic requirement on stage.

Some of the very unique features built in to each Craftine Guitar include:

  • A smooth curved bevel at playing arm position of the sound box for ease of play while on stage.

  • A unique back bevel for both comfort and visual aid to fret board also aiding ease of play.

  • Beautiful Celtic motifs hand inlaid on both the sound hole rosette and the fingerboard. ┬áInside label is hand embroidered Belfast linen.

  • Craftine Logo is inlaid in pure sterling silver. Optional silver end pins add a special look at the bridge.

  • All cutaway models feature a unique bevel at the point where hand meets the body of the guitar.

  • All pick ups are of the highest quality blend type allowing the player to blend between bridge pick up and condenser microphone placed in the sound hole.